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NA CHASI is a team of professionals who know everything about optimization, promotion, and internet marketing. And we are ready to help you!

We successfully work in the following niches:

  • Construction
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Industrial packaging
  • Exhibitions for business
  • Interior design
  • Turnkey renovation
  • Cleaning and facility management
  • Online stores
  • Heat pumps
  • Education abroad
  • Beauty salons
  • Garden equipment
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Here you can overview how many years of experience in website development and SEO promotion


The quantity of successfully completed projects in website development, SEO promotion, and digital marketing


The number of business niches we have worked with and have successful experience in


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Logi Jums


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    FAQ – uncomfortable questions

    What makes you different from other agencies?

    With over 11 years of experience in website development and SEO promotion, we don’t just create websites for the sake of having one. We ensure proper launch without technical errors and avoid Google penalties.

    How do you address the issue of website delivery deadlines?

    We clearly define the deadlines in the contract, and we adhere to them strictly from our side. However, if there are delays in content provision from the client’s end, it may result in changes to the deadlines.

    How to evaluate the work of an agency?

    If it’s website development, you need to understand whether you will receive just a finished website or one that is optimized for Google, ensuring good visibility in search results. Additionally, you should consider whether the website is easy to administer and if it allows for future modifications.

    For SEO services, the evaluation of the agency’s work is based on the positions of your website in search engine rankings and the growth of organic traffic resulting from SEO efforts.

    In the case of Digital Marketing, the assessment of the agency’s work involves analyzing website traffic and the achievement of goals from each sales channel that you have launched.

    In all cases, it’s important to have clear criteria and specific metrics to measure the agency’s performance and the impact of their work on your online presence and business goals.

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