SEO Case Study: Optimization and Promotion of a Ukrainian Fashion Manufacturer’s E-Commerce Store

Theme: Women’s Clothing, Footwear, Bags, and Accessories Online Store and Offline Retail Chain in Ukraine

Challenge (Initial Obstacles):

  • The website faced technical challenges such as indexing errors and content duplication.
  • High competition in the niche (women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories). Promoting the online store required identifying competitive advantages and effective SEO strategies.
  • In the beginning, the online store had low organic visibility, being visible only for a few positions and minimal keywords. SEO optimization was nearly nonexistent.

Objective: The goal of SEO e-commerce optimization and promotion for the women’s clothing and footwear store was to increase organic traffic, improve search result positions, engage the target audience, and enhance brand recognition in the fashion industry.

Region: Ukraine

Project Duration: August 2022 – February 2023

Completed Tasks:

  • Technical audit of the website and resolution of technical issues.
  • Compilation of semantic keyword cores and on-page optimization.
  • Competitor analysis and creation of meta tags.
  • Optimization of meta tags and headings.
  • Creation of SEO optimized content for website sections and subsections.
  • Development of a new Sitemap.xml.
  • Backlinking efforts.
  • Position tracking for key keywords.
  • Data analysis in Google Analytics.

We will explore the optimization and SEO e-commerce promotion case specializing in women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories through strategic SEO search engine optimization.

Our client aimed to drive traffic from Google’s search engine to their website, capturing potential in the competitive e-commerce market for women’s fashion. Technical issues, such as the absence of optimized meta tags and textual content on the website, indexing errors, and duplication, hindered achieving high organic visibility. Low organic traffic limited the store’s ability to increase sales and attract new customers from Google’s search results.

Our work aimed to increase conversions, boost sales volume, improve the website’s position in search results, and attract the attention of the target audience. The primary task was to enhance the brand’s competitiveness in the fashion and clothing market. In this case, we will delve into the processes and solutions that helped achieve these strategic goals.

The initial step was a technical audit of the website, revealing both strengths and weaknesses. We addressed various problematic aspects, such as the absence of optimized meta tags, content duplication, and indexing errors. This analysis provided a comprehensive picture of the website’s state and its potential in SEO.

Based on the audit results, we developed an individual promotion strategy for the website in search engines. This strategy included meta tag and SEO content optimization, content creation, backlinking, and page improvement and optimization. We also thoroughly analyzed competitiveness in the relevant industry and formulated an action plan to increase the website’s visibility and position in search results.

Technical optimization and error resolution on the website were vital components of our strategy. We took the following actions:

  1. Indexing error correction: Identified and fixed all technical errors leading to the exclusion of specific pages from search engine indexes. This optimization maximized the indexing of all store pages.
  2. Content duplication removal: Conducted a thorough analysis of the website for content duplication and rectified these issues to prevent confusion and correctly distribute SEO weight among pages.
  3. On-page optimization: Optimized meta tags and textual content on main pages and subcategory pages to increase their relevance for search keywords.
  4. Sitemap.xml optimization: Created a new Sitemap.xml with the correct structure and address, allowing search engines to better index website pages and receive up-to-date information.

After completing technical optimization, we moved to the stage that involved working with the semantic core and content optimization on the website. We carefully researched key keywords and expanded the semantic core to improve the website’s visibility in search engines.

While working with the semantic core, we analyzed key keywords and their relevance to the business. This allowed us to identify new opportunities for traffic growth and promotion.

We paid special attention to analyzing meta tags of direct competitors—online stores for women’s clothing. This analysis provided valuable insights into competitors’ approaches and SEO strategies, forming the basis for creating competitive SEO meta tags. We incorporated this knowledge during the optimization of department and subsection pages, helping increase the website’s position in search engines and attract more targeted traffic.

Implemented SEO Solutions:

During the optimization of category and subcategory pages, we decided to incorporate commercial text at the beginning of each page, preceding the list of product cards. This approach allowed us to improve the ranking of pages in search engines, especially when compared to competitors.

The average number of texts we wrote on the website per month ranged from 6 to 10, with an average character count of 1500 to 3000 characters per text, depending on the specific section or subcategory of products.

In October 2022, we initiated linkbuilding efforts. Monthly, we systematically selected platforms for placing textual materials and created high-quality content links to enhance the authority of the online store.

Gradually increasing the number of links, we were able to improve the website’s authority and rating in the eyes of search engines. As a result, this comprehensive approach from internal and external efforts in promoting the online store led to increased organic traffic and attracted new customers to the website.

It was crucial for us to systematically monitor and analyze data related to the dynamics of position growth in search results and the organic traffic’s visitation. This practice allowed us to maintain control over the results of our optimization efforts and adapt the strategy in real time.

Through systematic analysis, we could identify effective and ineffective aspects of our work promptly and adjust them. Such an SEO-oriented strategic approach enabled us to achieve better positions in search results compared to competitors.

*N/A – at that time, keywords were not added for comparison as the semantic core was gradually and consistently expanding.


In summary, our comprehensive work on the optimization and SEO promotion of the women’s clothing and footwear E-commerce store resulted in a significant improvement in the website’s visibility in search engines. The increase in organic traffic and improved positions in search results contributed to a substantial growth in transitions and loyalty, particularly from the target audience. Our strategy and systematic approach to optimization had a positive impact on our client’s business.


  • Increase in organic traffic by 4.6 times
  • Growth in TOP-10 positions by 2075% (from 4 to 87 keywords)
  • Growth in TOP-20 positions by 2050% (from 4 to 86 keywords)