Case Study on Local SEO Optimization for an Appliance Repair website: How We Increased Visibility in Google Search Results for Apple and Android Device Repairs in Kyiv

Topic: Diagnosis and Repair of Apple and Android Devices

Challenge (Initial Obstacles): The client approached us immediately after launching their website, seeking website optimization. With a young website, initial optimization aimed to accelerate its indexing and improve ranking in a highly competitive landscape. Additionally, the client was opening a new repair center and wanted to attract potential customers to this location in a specific area of Kyiv.

Objective: Ensure success in the technology repair niche in Kyiv and effectively attract clients through on-website optimization and local SEO methods.

Region: Right and Left Banks of Kyiv

Project Duration: March-April 2023

Completed Tasks:

  • Detailed website audit
  • Competitor and niche analysis
  • Semantic core compilation
  • Writing and implementing meta tags
  • Configuring robots.txt and sitemap files
  • Domain redirect from www to non-www
  • Writing and placing SEO texts on the website
  • Other on-website work (technical, SEO, and usability)

Our client, a company specializing in Apple and Android phone repair and maintenance services, faced stiff competition in the technology repair sector, prompting our assistance in boosting their website visibility on Google. Furthermore, with plans to open a new repair center in a different Kyiv area, the client aimed to attract new customers. With a modest eight-page website, our primary focus was meticulous technical optimization to address even the smallest website errors. By refining meta tags, we enabled the small website to compete favorably in high-stakes search results.

Our goal was clear—to increase organic traffic to the website and improve its search engine positions for keywords. We aimed to attract new customers, especially in the new Kyiv area.

Our initial step involved a thorough website audit. We analyzed the website’s condition, conducted a technical audit, identified current SEO metrics, and compared them to competitors’ rankings in search engines. This helped us understand the challenges we needed to overcome. Ultimately, we determined that while the website was technically optimized for competitive search results, there were several potential optimizations for better rankings. We decided to implement a series of technical improvements, optimize website content, and propose an individualized SEO strategy that also required the implementation of local SEO elements.
The technical aspects included optimizing page loading speed, redirecting the domain from www to non-www, fixing errors, and adapting the website for mobile devices. For instance, we addressed tables that displayed improperly on certain mobile devices:

To create an effective semantic core, our team conducted a deep analysis and gathered keywords that best reflected the client’s business sphere. We started with main keywords such as “iPhone repair” and “device diagnostics,” covering the general theme. To precisely target the audience for the client’s service centers, we expanded the semantic core by adding keywords like “iPhone repair right bank” and “Apple service center Kyiv”. This allowed us to tailor audience targeting precisely and enhance the website’s local visibility.

When writing meta tags, titles, and meta descriptions, we selected keywords from the semantic core with the greatest potential to attract the target audience. Titles were structured to immediately convey information about services and the client’s specialization, as well as provoke user interest. Meta descriptions, on the other hand, were written with an emphasis on the uniqueness of services, highlighting the advantages and attractiveness of choosing the website for potential customers.

In crafting textual content for website pages, we considered the company’s unique qualities and philosophy to replicate them in the website content. Drawing from the semantic core, we carefully selected keywords with significant potential to boost page ratings in search results. This approach helped create content that met the demands and expectations of the target audience. Special attention was given to addressing common issues customers face when seeking information about Apple and Android phone repairs. By analyzing popular problems and questions, we crafted content that could help users find solutions directly on our website.

Implemented SEO Solutions:

Our local promotion strategy was carefully crafted to ensure specific traffic and interaction with the target audience. To implement this approach, we considered the locations of two service centers situated on different banks of Kyiv. During the compilation of the semantic core, we actively added location elements to a keyword. For example, we included the “Right bank” and “Left bank” of Kyiv in the keywords and also specified the nearest metro stations. We also worked diligently on meta-tags, mentioning the locations of the service centers. This increased the relevance of the pages for local search and improved the chances of appearing in local search results.

Our work on the second office on the right bank of Kyiv was particularly crucial. We added an interactive geo-tag on the Google map to the website, providing a convenient way to display the location of the new service center. Additionally, all necessary information about the address, working hours, contact details, and public transport availability was added to the page:

After completing optimization measures on the website, we conducted a comprehensive website check using the Screaming Frog tool. This allowed us to thoroughly examine the website for possible errors, ensure correct page indexing, and identify any issues that could affect the overall user experience. We also configured the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files and verified the positions of the keywords we collected in Spyserp:


The completed work significantly contributed to the improvement of organic traffic to the website and a noticeable increase in positions in search engine results for keywords. Our goal was to attract new customers, especially in the new area of Kyiv, and we achieved this through technical improvements, SEO optimization, content writing on the website, and an individually tailored SEO strategy with a focus on local website promotion.

As a result of our efforts, we obtained not only favorable positions for keywords and a positive impact on the website’s visibility in search engine results but also an increase in website visits. The graph below clearly illustrates the steady growth of website impressions in Google search results, starting from April:


  1. The website now ranks in the top positions in the TOP-10 search results for 15 keywords related to Apple and Android device repairs in Kyiv.
  2. Website views increased by 3.6 times.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our local SEO strategy and on-website optimization, allowing our client to actively attract attention and draw new customers to their local service points.