Case Study: Comprehensive Launch of an Online Store from Website Creation to Advertising Campaigns

Project topic: Home textiles, home clothing

Problem: A comprehensive approach was needed, from niche analysis to launching advertising campaigns. In the end, it was necessary to test which product groups sell better through which advertising channels.

Region: Ukraine

Services: niche analysis, competitor analysis, website development, website optimization, launching contextual advertising and advertising on social networks, banner development

Duration of work: 3 months, 2020 year

Goals and objectives: to test different advertising channels, determine which products sell better where, and develop a further growth strategy.

Completed tasks:

  • Niche analysis and preparation of product groups with higher popularity.

  • Collecting semantic data for different categories to develop the website structure.

  • Website structure development, including sections and subsections.
  • Design elements development, unique style, logo creation, selection of corporate colors, and banners.
  • Website creation, WordPress WooCommerce implementation, and layout assembly.
  • Creation of two language versions: Ukrainian and Russian.
  • Product population on the website (adding 100 products for each language version).
  • Integration of WayforPay for online payments.
  • Implementation of secure HTTPS protocol.
  • Creation of sitemap and robots.txt file.
  • Optimization of title and description tags for pages in both language versions.
  • Installation of tracking codes for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, etc., to set up and launch advertising campaigns.
  • Website loading speed optimization, achieving an 88% score on Google, which is high for an online store.

  • Configuration and integration of Google Merchant.
  • Development of banners for remarketing, Facebook, and Instagram promotions for three main product groups.
  • Launching, managing, and adjusting advertising campaigns for one month.


  1. Google Shopping campaigns for the period from 16.10.20 to 11.11.2020. Impressions: 263,000; Clicks: over 2,200; Average cost per click in Google Shopping: 5.37 UAH. As shown in the screenshot below, by the end of the month, we achieved the maximum click-to-impression ratio.

  1. FB campaigns on the social network Facebook and Instagram ran for 2 months with intervals between promotions. The best results were obtained with pajama sales. Four sales were directly attributed to FB, but there were actually more than 10 sales. The rest of the sales came through Instagram, with customers directly messaging us from the ads. We changed creatives three times during this period and tested different variations.

  1. During the advertising campaigns, the bounce rate from the website was just over 9%, which is extremely low for an online store. It is a very good indicator. On average, visitors viewed 3 pages per session. This is also a very good indicator for an e-commerce website (you can see these data in the screenshot below).

Final outcome:

  1. The most popular and consistently selling product categories were selected from the entire niche.
  2. Semantic queries for these categories were collected.
  3. An online store was created and filled with products.
  4. Different advertising banners and audience settings were tested in FB and Google campaigns.
  5. The most profitable sales channels were chosen for each product group.