Case Study: Design and Installation of Engineering Systems

Project Topic: Design, Installation, and Servicing of Engineering Systems.

Project Description (Problem): The website had recently been migrated to HTTPS, partially optimized, and was approximately 7-8 years old.

Service: Initially, the client approached us for link building. However, after conducting an analysis, we made changes to the website structure and performed internal optimization. Subsequently, we focused on website promotion, along with link building.

Region: Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Duration of Work: 2016 – 2019 years.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Website Promotion: Promote the website to improve its rankings for core search queries and increase overall website traffic.
  • Effective On-Page Optimization: Implement proper on-page optimization techniques to enhance the website’s structure, content, and performance.
  • Link Building: Increase the website’s backlink profile to improve its authority and visibility.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Drive more targeted visitors to the website through improved rankings and enhanced online presence.
  • Competent Internal Optimization: Conduct thorough internal optimization of the website to ensure optimal performance and user experience.
  • Expansion of Backlink Profile: Expand the website’s backlink profile through strategic link building activities.

Completed tasks:

  • Comprehensive website analysis, including optimization assessment, correct transfer to HTTPS, SEO parameters, etc.
  • Page extraction and analysis of meta-data. Analysis of the collected semantic core and its distribution according to the website structure. Based on this distribution, a new website structure was developed, technical specifications (TS) were created, and the website menu was redesigned.
  • The website underwent internal optimization, including meta-data optimization, creation of a site map, and other related tasks.
  • After reindexing all the implemented changes, the process of acquiring backlinks began, with a monthly range of 8-25 links, starting from a lower quantity.
  • The selection of platforms for backlink acquisition is based on several criteria, such as the number of pages in the main search engine index, the external appearance of the website, the section where the links are placed within articles, the trust indicators, the level of link spamming, the age of the website (typically more than 2 years), and other factors.
  • Regular analysis and review of queries, positions, optimization analytics, and necessary adjustments are carried out.


1. The main source of traffic is organic search, accounting for over 46%.

2. The screenshot below illustrates the website’s traffic over the entire period, showing a growth of 2.5 to 3 times.

3. The TrustRank (ТІC – thematic index of citing) has increased, although it is no longer a relevant metric since spring 2018.

4. The positions (latest update) are shown in the screenshot below. It represents a partial list of positions and is continuously expanding as more queries are tracked.

Overall, as of the end of July 2018, there was an improvement in rankings, with over 43% of queries in the top 20 and over 29% of queries in the top 10.

Increase in website traffic by 2.5-3 times.