Case Study on Website Development and Optimization for Soft Wall Panels

TOP-10 for the query “soft wall panels Kyiv” and “soft wall panels”
TOP-20 for the query “soft panels Kyiv” after website optimization + 2 months of reindexing.

Project Topic: Custom-made interior doors, stairs, hidden doors, and soft wall panels.

Project Description (Problem): The company did not have a website and needed to develop one and populate it with essential content, including a portfolio of works. The website was developed from scratch.

Service: The client approached us for Website Development. The client did not allocate a budget for website promotion, so it was decided to focus on effective internal website optimization.

Region: Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Project Duration: March – April 2018, website development – 1,5 months, website optimization – 2 weeks.

Goals and objectives

  • Develop a user-friendly and visually appealing website to showcase the company’s services and portfolio of work. The website should serve as an online business card.
  • Create an optimized website for search engines to ensure smooth indexing and avoid the need for technical rework in the future.

The expectations of ranking highly in search results were initially low, even for moderately competitive keywords, due to the website being new and relatively young.

Completed tasks:

  • Prepared a detailed technical specification (TS) for website development, taking into account the client’s requirements. The main focus was on creating a simple and intuitive website structure, convenient portfolio viewing, and mobile responsiveness.
  • Simultaneously with the website development, conducted keyword research to gather a semantic core for website optimization. Special attention was given to optimizing the sections related to “wall panels” and “soft wall panels” to align with the target queries.

  • After website development, testing, and finalizing the visual appearance with the client, the following technical and basic SEO optimization tasks were performed:
  1. Analysis of website loading speed on both computers and mobile devices and optimization of these metrics to achieve the best possible performance.
  2. Website page extraction, analysis, and cleanup of any “junk” or intermediate pages that may have been created during the website development process.
  3. Creation and uploading of the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files to facilitate search engine crawling and indexing.
  4. Consolidation of domains with and without “www” to ensure a unified domain structure.
  5. Addition of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools tracking codes to the website for monitoring and analysis purposes.
  6. Writing unique content for the main pages of the website and optimizing the text based on targeted queries, including the proper use of header tags (h1, h2, h3) to structure the content effectively.
  7. Writing title tags and meta descriptions for all website pages to provide concise and informative summaries of the page content.
  • Only after conducting the analysis and implementing basic SEO optimization, the website was made available for search engine indexing and handed over to the client for further use.


  1. Since the website launch, the traffic to the site has been consistently increasing, despite the fact that the site is not actively promoted. The screenshot below demonstrates the overall traffic trend.
  2. The majority of the traffic comes from organic search, specifically from the Google search engine.
  3. The following queries have achieved top rankings (TOP-10 and TOP-20) after the initial internal optimization of the site. These queries generate targeted traffic for the client and have maintained their positions for two years without additional investment.

The overall result: The website started off on the right track and did not require further optimization or significant technical modifications over time. After a ONE-TIME internal optimization, several queries have achieved TOP-10 and TOP-20 rankings in the Google search engine and have maintained these positions for two years. More than 48% of the website’s traffic comes from the Google search engine.