Case Study on Internal Optimization for the Website of Language Courses Overseas

Project Topic: Foreign Language Courses (of various durations and intensities) abroad.

Project Description (Problem): The old website had been active for over 9 years, but it had virtually no visibility in search engine rankings. The site had over 2000 indexed pages, most of which were duplicates or low-quality pages. Additionally, the design was outdated. As a result, a complete website redesign was developed.

Service: Internal optimization of the website and support during the website redesign.

Region: Ukraine

Duration of Work: 3 months, 2016 year.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide support for the website transition to a new design while ensuring compliance with technical requirements set by search engines.
  • Implement effective internal optimization techniques to increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings through comprehensive internal optimization.

Completed Tasks

  • Extracted pages from the old website. Analyzed page data and search engine rankings. Identified pages that needed to be preserved and implemented redirects to the new website (new URLs).
  • Collected the semantic core of the website, grouped and distributed it across the site’s pages.
    • All relevant queries within the given topic were saved.
    • Main queries were identified (general + specific countries) (screen 1).
    • Queries were grouped separately by courses and cities. Separate grouping for Kyiv and Ukraine.
    • A group of queries related to “Schoolchildren” (screen 2) was also discovered and highlighted. Although they were limited in number, these are targeted and relevant queries that will bring targeted traffic to the website.

  • Transferred the website from the testing hosting to the permanent domain.
  • Implemented measures to prevent indexing during modifications.
  • Configured redirects for seamless website transition.
  • Enabled HTTPS protocol for secure browsing.
  • Consolidated domains with and without “www” for consistency.
  • Configured files for search engines (robots.txt, sitemap, proper 404 page, etc.).
  • Optimized meta-data on the website: Added Title and Description tags to all pages (approximately 150 pages).

  • The website was fully opened for indexing on September 20th.

The site reindexing process included removing old pages from search results and adding new pages to the search results.

During the reindexing process, optimization adjustments were made, including the addition of keywords to the meta-data and some modifications were made.


1. Since the end of October (after the complete reindexing), there has been a growth in website traffic by 2-2.5 times.

2. Starting from the end of October (after the complete reindexing), there has been a 2-2.5 times increase in website traffic.

More than 27% of queries have shown significant improvement, reaching the top 20 rankings and gaining visibility, even though they were previously outside the top 100 positions.