Case study on SEO optimization: modular buildings made of metal structures

Case Study on SEO website Optimization: enhancing website visibility in the european market with SEO optimization – focus on english-language keywords for prefabricated steel buildings & structures at Eldorado Global

Topic: modular buildings made of metal structures b2b – sales


  • The client had difficulties with limited visibility of the website in search engines due to invalid pages, which could lead to the loss of potential customers.
  • The English-language version of the website had a limited number of indexed pages and needed to be optimized to improve visibility.
  • To successfully enter the European market, the website required SEO optimization with a focus on English-language queries.

Objective: improving the website’s visibility in the European market by implementing a one-time SEO optimization, with a focus on English-language queries.

Region: European countries (English-language requests)

Work duration: February-March 2023

Completed Tasks:

  • Analyzing pages that are crawled by Google but not included in the index
  • Solving technical issues and setting up redirects from 404 pages to the relevant service pages
  • Created and configured new robots.txt and sitemap.xml files
  • Competitor analysis was carried out
  • Uploading site pages with meta tags
  • Collecting the semantic core and optimizing meta tags for English-language queries
  • Fixing positions for key queries
  • Setting up correct redirects after changing the language version

The client is a leading company in the 2b2 segment of modular metal buildings. The client asked us to increase the visibility of its website in the European market, in particular among the English-speaking audience.

The first step was to promote the English version of the website. The first step in the task was to conduct a thorough analysis of the pages that, despite being crawled by Google, were not included in the index. Identification of these pages allowed us to identify the causes of the problem and take the necessary measures to index them, such as closing pages generated by the functionality of the forms on the site. Additionally, redirects to the relevant service pages were set up (in order not to lose traffic and positively affect the user experience).

New robots.txt and sitemap.xml files were created and customized to improve the site’s indexing.

We conducted a detailed analysis of competitors to better understand their structure and approaches to websites. The study of competitors’ language versions helped us determine how effectively they attract audiences from different countries from search results. In addition, we carefully analyzed their meta tags and identified keywords and phrases that help them achieve high search engine rankings:

We performed an upload of the client’s website, where we studied the structure and important parameters in detail. It is important to note that the links to the pages and the upload were performed at the time when the main version of the site was /lv/. This allowed us to obtain accurate and comprehensive data for further analysis and search engine optimization:

Implemented SEO solutions:

After completing a detailed analysis, we compiled a relevant semantic core, focusing on the English-language queries “prefabricated steel buildings” and “prefabricated steel structures”. Our approach included studying and taking into account the keywords that best fit the client’s specifics and business line. The resulting semantic core identified the main terms and phrases that would help to maximize the content and meta tags of the website for the target English-speaking audience and improve its position in search engines.

Based on the collected semantic core, we developed competitive meta tags that were optimized for the English-speaking markets of Europe. Having identified important keywords and phrases, we created meta tags that not only reflect the essence of the client’s services, but also meet the search queries of English-speaking users.

Additionally, we recorded the site’s positions and their dynamics for all collected queries:

This approach allows us to respond quickly to changes in the ranking of positions and, if necessary, improve the strategy to achieve maximum efficiency.


The SEO optimization of the website for the English-speaking European markets in the B2B segment proved to be successful thanks to an integrated approach to website SEO. We effectively solved indexing problems, implemented the necessary technical changes, and developed the optimal semantic core for key English-language queries in the modular steel construction niche. Thanks to these measures, we achieved an increase in search engine rankings and improved the visibility of the client’s website among the target audience in European search results.


Increase in organic traffic by 2.2 times after a one-time SEO optimization of the website.

As of November 2023:

  • 19 keywords ТОP-10
  • 15 keywords ТОP-20