Case Study: SEO for a Custom Furniture Manufacturer

Project Topic: Custom Furniture Manufacturing (with emphasis on upholstered furniture and secondary focus on case furniture), furniture replicas, high-quality materials.

Project Description: At the start of the project, the website had been active for about a year (2015), optimized for a broad range of keywords, and attracting some traffic. However, it was not generating leads or conversions.

Service: Initially, the client approached us for usability improvements and promotion (external optimization, link building). We conducted a website analysis and analyzed the search engine results for the targeted keywords. Based on the findings, we developed a plan of action. We thoroughly revised the semantic core of the website for optimization and promotion.

Region: Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Duration: From 2015 until 2018 year.

Goals and objectives:

  • To attract targeted visitors to the website.
  • To promote the website in Google search engine in order to improve its rankings and increase traffic.

Completed tasks:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the website and search engine results for the client’s list of queries. Below is a partial list of queries for which the website was optimized.
  • Analysis of the collected semantic core and its distribution across the website’s structure. Based on the distribution, a new website structure was developed, and the website’s menu was revised according to the technical specifications (TS).
  • An issue was identified: the search results primarily displayed classified ads boards, used furniture, and a majority of online stores. This led to a high bounce rate, as visitors clicked on the search queries and found that it was a furniture manufacturing website with no available products, everything was “made to order,” requiring waiting time. As a result, they immediately left the website. It was necessary to rework the semantic core, selecting only queries related to “made to order,” “custom furniture,” “luxury custom furniture,” etc., in order to attract relevant customers.
  • The website underwent a thorough internal optimization process, including the implementation of meta-data, rewriting existing texts to align with the new set of queries.
  • Around 20 backlinks were acquired for the homepage and main relevant internal pages at that time.
  • Currently, the semantic core is being expanded and the backlink profile is being strengthened. Regular analysis and review of queries, positions, optimization analytics, and necessary adjustments are being carried out.


  1. The period highlighted in “gray” represents the website’s traffic based on the old queries, with particular attention to the bounce rate. The period highlighted in “yellow” represents the period after the query rework, the launch of the new semantic core, and its promotion.

  1. Below are some of the queries that the website has been reoriented towards and is currently being optimized for.

  1. The positions (last check) are presented in the screenshot below. Please note that the list of positions is not exhaustive and is continuously expanding with additional queries.

Overall Result:  The website’s traffic has increased threefold. Targeted phone calls and orders have been generated, and the bounce rate has decreased by three times.