Case Study on SMM: Launching an Advertising Campaign for a Developmental Toy Set on Instagram

Project topic: Children’s entertainment and educational drawing kits.

Project description (problem): At the start of the project, the company’s website was brand new, optimized only for mobile devices, and there was no presence on social media platforms. There was no existing traffic to the website.

Service: The client approached us with a request to launch product advertising on the social media platform Instagram. Initially, we created company pages on Facebook and Instagram. The next step involved populating these pages with basic information about the company and its products. After these preparatory steps, we proceeded to launch advertising on the social media platform.

Region: All of Ukraine.

Duration of work: September-November, 2018.

Daily budget: from $20 to $110 per day.

Goals and objectives:

  • Obtain targeted website traffic from social media platforms.
  • Increase the number of completed purchases made on the website.

Completed tasks:

The advertising campaign was launched through Facebook Ads Manager. The following parameters were set for creating the advertising campaign:

Campaign objective: Increase website traffic.

Bid strategy: Minimum cost bid.

Daily budget: Initially $20 per day, but the client requested an increase in the budget due to the high effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Location: All of Ukraine.

Audience: Women aged 25 to 60.

Placement: Only on the Instagram platform, as the company’s website was optimized for mobile devices.

Ad format: Carousel gallery with multiple images.

Call to action: Shop Now.
Compelling ad copy was also written for the advertising campaign.

  • After launching the ads, the images in the advertisements were changed several times in order to find the most effective ones.
  • Additionally, a few gifts were added over time for customers who purchased the drawing kits, and a bright text about the gifts was added to the banners. It is worth noting that all images were selected in the optimal size of 1080×1080 for advertising on the Instagram social media platform.
  • Currently, we are monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign, the budget utilization, and making adjustments to the daily budget as needed.


1. Overall campaign statistics:

Throughout the entire advertising campaign, there were 1,190,979 unique users reached on Instagram, with a total of 3,939,560 ad impressions. Among these users, there were 28,010 link clicks, which means clicks on the “Shop Now” button leading to the company’s website. The total spent on the advertising campaign was $3,491. Therefore, the average cost per result, which is the cost per click, was approximately $0.12.

2. Demographic breakdown:

Considering that the target audience consisted only of women, let’s examine which age group of women was the most active in this advertising campaign. The majority of clicks came from women in the age range of 25-34 years old. This age segment accounted for 65% of all clicks.

3. Placement breakdown:

Since the advertising campaign was exclusively launched on Instagram, all the coverage and engagement came from this social media platform.

It’s also worth noting that all the views were generated through mobile devices.


  1. Based on the configured advertising campaign, the cost per click is $0.12.
  2. The target audience consists solely of Instagram users, with a reach of nearly 1,190,979 people over the course of two months, resulting in 28,010 link clicks.
  3. The daily budget ranged from $20 to $110.
  4. According to the client’s feedback, despite significant expenses, the advertising campaign is profitable and generates a good income.