Case Study on SEO website Optimization: Enhancing website Visibility on Google Search Engine in the Microgrid Technology Market


Topic: IoT Solutions, Microgrid Technology, Smart Energy, Smart Solutions for Cities

Challenge (Initial Difficulties):

  • The website was not visible for a direct website name request on the search engine results page. Only 6 pages were indexed, including 3 system pages and 3 PDF files.
  • The website demonstrated suboptimal performance in search engine optimization and called for comprehensive improvements in SEO optimization.

Objective: To open website pages for indexing, boost organic traffic, and improve search engine rankings.

Service: The client requested a basic website optimization service to enhance online visibility.

Region: Ukraine

Work Duration: July-August 2023


Completed Tasks:

  • Developed a strategic plan for website work;
  • Analyzed the niche and competitors;
  • Checked website loading speed;
  • Optimized images on the website;
  • Addressed on-page issues and errors;
  • Created a semantic core and identified relevant keywords;
  • Crafted effective meta tags;
  • Generated a correct sitemap after page indexing;
  • Checked the website for possible errors;
  • Enabled indexing of website pages;
  • Recorded keyword positions for future growth analysis.

Our case focused on search engine optimization within a specialized niche (IoT and microgrid technology development and implementation). For effective promotion in such a project, we meticulously studied the niche and devised a corresponding strategy. At the project’s outset, the website was nearly invisible in search engine results. Attempts to locate it by name brought minimal results – only 6 pages were accessible, including 3 system pages and 3 PDF files.


We started by identifying major competitors in the IoT and smart energy market and scrutinizing their unique features and differences. We paid attention to the following aspects during competitor website analysis:

  • Keywords and semantics
  • Meta tags;
  • Headings (H1-H6);
  • Content;
  • URL structure.


Subsequently, our focus turned to improving internal website factors that greatly influenced page loading speed and resource ranking. We:

  • Optimized website images;
  • Translated the 404 page to Ukrainian;
  • Resolved animation issues on specific pages;
  • Added missing H1 headings on the main page for both language versions.


We identified a problem hindering website visibility on Google: some pages had a ‘noindex’ tag in the robots meta tag. We removed this tag to enable indexing.

In parallel with technical website improvements, we developed a semantic core for Ukrainian and English website versions. Finding specific keywords for the Ukrainian segment posed a challenge due to the niche nature of the IoT market. We meticulously researched and selected effective English keywords, considering their availability and popularity in the market. We established an optimal semantic core, encompassing both English and Ukrainian keywords, ensuring optimized visibility of both languages.

Implemented SEO Solutions:


Throughout the case, we placed particular emphasis on crafting optimized meta titles and descriptions in both Ukrainian and English. Meta tags are crucial for enhancing visibility in search engines. Based on an in-depth keyword analysis, we composed meta tags that made the website highly appealing to search engines.


Lastly, we re-evaluated the page loading speed and confirmed successful indexing by using Screaming Frog. Subsequently, we generated a correct sitemap and added it to the website. We also checked the website for potential errors and checked keyword positions for future growth analysis.

Conclusions and Results:

Our case aimed to optimize a specialized niche – IoT and microgrid solution development and implementation. We extensively researched the niche and devised a strategy for effective promotion. Our actions targeted technical aspects, internal content, and meta tags, which improved website quality and visibility in search engines.

We successfully identified and rectified technical issues that affected page loading speed and resource ranking. Detailed keyword analysis allowed us to define effective meta titles and descriptions for enhanced website visibility in search engines. We also focused on developing an optimal semantic core for both language versions, considering the niche’s specificity.

Throughout the case, we made the website more accessible to search engines and increased its organic traffic. Indexing pages contributed to improved rankings and positions in search engine results, ultimately achieving the goal of optimizing the website for better visibility and attracting a more targeted audience searching for microgrid solutions.



1. Initially, only 6 pages were indexed. Presently, more pages from the website are starting to appear in Google search results

2. After a one-time optimization, over 10 keywords reached the TOP-10, with others ranking in the TOP-20 and TOP-30: