Case of developing a business card website for a Taxi Company on the CMS WordPress

Theme: Taxi Business, Earnings in Auto Industry, Auto Business Investments

Challenge: In spring 2023, our agency received a task from a client specializing in taxi services and investments in the automotive industry. The client encountered the following serious problems:

  • Traces of virus code were found on the site, which caused pop-up ads to appear when users used the site. This situation not only affected the user experience, but also called into question the security of the site itself.
  • Due to the problem with the virus code, the client had difficulties moderating advertising campaigns in Google Ads, which significantly hampered their efforts to effectively market and attract new customers through the advertising platform.
  • Problems with the flexibility of website administration. We found that the site was originally built in React, and then the layout was transferred to the WordPress CMS, but without the ability to edit the content. Even such a task as changing the phone number in the header was problematic.
  • Lack of SEO optimization: The client’s website was not optimized for search engines, which led to low positions in search results and limited the growth of organic traffic.

Objective: Our goal was to create and implement a comprehensive plan for website development and website optimization.

  1. Development of a website on CMS WordPress while maintaining the overall design of the site (improved some blocks and elements).
  2. Develop online calculators on the site for the convenience of calculating investments for investors and earnings for drivers.
  3. Adapt the administrative panel of the site for convenient use by managers (change of phone numbers, data for the calculator, SEO optimization, content).
  4. Full SEO-optimization of the site and “moving” to the .ua domain.
    Integration of CRM and analytics systems on the site.

Region: Ukraine, Kyiv

Duration: April – May 2023

Initially, a set of thorough audits and technical checks of the site was conducted to identify the root causes of the appearance of third-party code and virus scripts. The analysis was carried out both at the level of server hosting and using external software tools.

Our research confirmed that the server hosting was reliable and had no problems. However, the symptomatic problems we detected continued to indicate the presence of virus code. We paid attention to identifying and correcting the vulnerability in the code, but this did not lead to a complete solution.
Given the serious technical and security issues, the final decision was made to migrate the site to WordPress, which meant practically developing a WordPress site based on an external example of the existing one.

Work Completed:

  • Scanning the site and hosting for viruses
  • Development of a business card site from scratch on CMS WordPress
  • Adaptive website layout (mobile devices, tablets, desktop screens)
  • Preservation of the site design with improvements of individual blocks
  • Development of online calculators on the site
  • Implementation of two language versions on the site
  • Adaptation of the administrative panel for easy management
  • Organization of a “move” from the .rent domain to the .ua domain
  • Competitor and niche analysis
  • Collection of the semantic core of queries
  • Full SEO optimization of the site
  • Integration of CRM system and connection of analytics

Design of a business card website

Our task was to keep the basic design of the site and improve only certain blocks (elements).

We paid attention to updating the blocks and the main page, namely the first screen block and the block of the company’s achievements in figures for greater information content, as well as to clearly positioning the company’s services and structuring the page.

An important area for our client was the Car Investments section with its subsections. On the internal pages, we focused on the first block and the infographic of the block “Why it is profitable to work with Anycar”.

Important blocks on the site’s pages were Calculators for calculating the return on investment for investors or earning opportunities for drivers.

The calculators were developed and implemented from scratch on the Drivers and Investments pages. Below you can see screenshots from the different pages of the site that we described above.

Development of a business card site CMS WordPress.
Development of calculators on the site.

Website functionality. To expand the functionality of the site, we installed and configured various WordPress plugins: WPMU DEV Smush, Contact Form 7, Polylang, and others. For the initial data analysis, we implemented Google Analytics GA4 and Google Tag Manager in the script.

Development of pages. We ensured that the pages of the new site were identical to the old one, keeping all the necessary visual elements and functionality. For example, we made sure that contact forms, image sections, and internal links work flawlessly and provide smooth navigation for users.

SEO. We used the Yoast SEO plugin to ensure that the website was properly search engine optimized. This tool allowed us to effectively customize meta tags, titles, and other parameters to improve the site’s visibility in search engines.

Development of calculators. We have implemented 4 calculators on the site to help users calculate various aspects of their taxi business:

  • The first calculator takes into account various parameters, including car class, fuel type, fuel consumption per 100 km, number of orders per day, and working days per week. This allows users to quickly and accurately estimate their potential taxi income depending on the selected parameters.
  • The second calculator simplifies the process of calculating weekly payments for car repurchase. It takes into account the cost of the car in dollars, the down payment, and the term of the contract, which can be 24 or 36 months.
  • Another calculator is aimed at calculating the profitability of a car when it is put on a flight. It is based on important parameters such as car class, fuel type, fuel consumption per 100 km, number of orders per day, number of working days per week, and number of cars for rent.
  • The last calculator is aimed at calculating the possible profit of users when investing in a taxi. It takes into account the client’s initial investment in dollars and the investment period in years. This tool helps users to get an estimate of the potential income from investing in a taxi business based on the selected parameters.

The administrative panel of the website. To ensure the convenience and efficiency of website management, we have implemented a powerful administrative panel that allows our client and managers to easily edit and manage the content of the site. This administrative panel provides easy access to all sections and pages of the site, allowing you to make the necessary changes. In addition, it supports the use of a visual editor, which simplifies the work with content, and provides the ability to manage various aspects of the site, including SEO settings and input data for calculators.

Integration and connection of services. Connecting Google Analytics allowed us to receive detailed statistics on visitor behavior on the site, including traffic sources and conversion, which was an important basis for further optimization. The Google Search Console service helped us to understand the indexing and visibility of the site in the search engine, which contributed to the efficient and fast work on re-indexing the new domain zone.

With the help of Zoho CRM integration, we provided convenient collection and management of customer data and contacts. This system helped the client to maintain effective communication with their customers, keep a history of interaction, and track sales and leads

SEO – optimization of a business card site

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The website was successfully developed and implemented on the CMS WordPress platform. Currently, it is in the top 10 of search results for more than 20 car business queries.

The site has been moderated by Google Ads, all ads have been launched, and traffic has begun to grow.

Our work on the project showed that technical and SEO problems can be successfully solved with the right approach and strategy. The client received a secure and optimized website that attracts more visitors and improves their business performance.